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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Tonight I graduated from CWS Modeling School - SOOO Happy I made it through the classes and finished.  Such a great group of girls and guys in this class and the trainers were amazing!!

So happy for those given special awards - Sidney - Valedictorian; Tiffany - Best Blog; MeiMei - Jan. Scholar!!

Congrats everyone!!!!!

Wed Nights Styling Event @ CWS

So last night was the cheerleader theme for the Styling Event by Classic w/Style.  I was so excited because - well I never get to wear my Vikings Cheerleader outfit so finally a reason to dig it out of my inventory and blow the dust offa it.

All of the girls there looked amazing as always and it was a blast like it always is.  One thing was different about this Styling Event though, I actually placed!  WOOT WOOT!  I came in 3rd. So YAYYY!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

TNC by Randomn Sixpence Casting Call today

So I had the great opportunity to go to a casting call today for TNC by Randomn Sixpence that was open for CWS Models and Students.  I was a bit nervous at first, since this was my first and all but Aisha (the manager) was so nice and a sweetheart so my nerves melted away pretty quickly.

Everyone looked wonderful and gorgeous as can be expected at a casting, but on top of that everyone is so nice, like real nice, not that fake nice stuff :)

Don't know who is selected yet to work at her store as a model, won't find out until tomorrow but whoever gets it sure is lucky!  And whomever is selected deff deserves it.  Everyone looked awesome.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Mon. Night CWS Styling Event - Showgirl Theme

Monday night was the Showgirl Theme for the styling event.  I must say I had a blast getting ready for this one.  It's so much fun being able to dress up way over the top in feathers and feel so glamorous.

One of the contestants was male so I guess I should of named this best in Showgirl/guy and I must say he actually pulled it off very well (didnt think a guy would of been able to).

Here's a picture of the gorgeous girls (and guy) that placed on Monday night.

Styling Event for CWS - Mini Skirt Theme

So last night was the Mini Skirt Theme for the CWS Styling Event.  This also was considered our midterm for us current students.

Everyone looked stunning.  Me myself I went with the original theme which was "Overweight Avi" and then just threw on a mini skirt, I chose to do this because it was nice to have my avi look like a normal realistic woman for a change.

The winners of the night were, 1st :  Sidney Abbot,  2nd- ntaly Anton, and 3rd-  Gia Ludlow.
They looked stunning to say the least.